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Samsung microSD 16 GB MB-MSAGB with editable CID

I use lubuntu 16.04_32bit-mmc with patched kernel:
It has all the tools for reading and writing the CID ( sdinfo and mmc32 )
Dan : https://www.olx.ro/oferta/carduri-navigatie-samsung-cu-cid-editabil-harti-gratuite-IDagKPR.html
Carlos : hi, where can I download the CID keys?
A question they serve for Mexico?
Raul Robert : Salut , pentru un update la Navi 600 (opel astra j) este necesar schimbarea CID ului ?
Mario Husz : @Dan Please Help me! I am totally beginner in this.. this CID you have copy pasted should work for suzuki slda? if yes what version?
thank you
Dan : Alexandru ai parțial dreptate. Momentan nu mai este necesar card cu CID editabil pentru Ford MCA și VW RNS 310 pentru care exista firmware modificat. Dar ce te faci cu Ford MFD, Suzuki SLDA, Mazda MZD Connect, Nissan Connect, Mercedes Garmin Map Pilot, Renault R-Link, Toyota TNS și alte câteva navigatii pentru care nu exista altă soluție mai convenabilă ?

Micro sd 16 gb Tinydeal


Replacing micro SD Card in MZ-32/MZ-16

Replacing micro SD Card in MZ-32. It is fairly easy to do, just go get a decent V30 speed or higher SD card and follow my video to replace the card
Guadalupe Talamantez : Great tutorial! I am certain that I have a corrupted card in my MZ-32. And, I am going to swap out the card with a new one.
I could not clearly see what card you took out of the transmitter. Its colors reminded me of a SanDisk Ultra Plus Class 10.
You mention to get a 32Gig V30 micro SD card. Am assuming that V30 cards work successfully.
From a popular RC forum, people recommend using a formatting app named SD Card Formatter. Win10 was very slow in formatting my Ultra Plus card. Like over 2 hours. Sheesh. SD Card Formatter took about 5 minutes. And, it formatted it in the FAT32 without even prompting to make the selection. Pretty good, eh. As for the other card, Extreme Plus, it formatted it in exFAT. No FAT32 choice offered.
This leads me to ask if you would recommend a card that I have on-hand, a Sandisk Extreme Plus U3 UHS-i 32Gig? Will this do well, or should I use the Ultra Plus Class 10?
Also, is your screwdriver an American Phillips #1 or #2 ?
Thanks again. I am subscribed for your other Graupner videos.
Николай Колодка : Thanks, great video.
Neil James : Not an SD card!

As usual a great video from Yufasa but I have one serious issue with it. In the title and throughout the video you refer simply to an SD card, unfortunately it actually uses a micro SD card, which is a completely different beast. Having noticed the video in Yufasa’s list I ordered an SD card and started dismantling my transmitter only to find that the card won’t fit! I guess I can always use a fast standard SD card in my camera but now I have to reassemble the transmitter and wait for the proper card to be delivered. Actually it’s even worse because the first card I ordered was a very fast 64Gb one then I came across a thread in RC groups which pointed out that the card had to be FAT32 so was limited to 32Gb. Another addition to the camera bag




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