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ISO 26262 – Functional Safety at a Glance

This is a tutorial video for those who are new on ISO 26262, Functional Safety Road Vehicles. Here you go with eight key lessons to understand what the ISO standard expects from you.

You'll find a detailed whitepaper on our site:
White paper in ENGLISH:
White paper in GERMAN:

If you want to learn more and become an expert in Functional Safety, check out our trainings:

The experts of Kugler Maag Cie provide this free ISO 26262 tutorial for beginners and those who are new in the field of process improvement and automotive Functional Safety.

This is your channel if you need knowledge on process improvement topics: Automotive SPICE, Functional Safety, Agile methods and Cybersecurity. We're publishing videos on a regular basis. Subscribe if you don't want to miss any videos.

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Speaker
00:42 What is Functional Safety?
02:09 Formal structure of ISO 26262
02:33 Part 1 - Vocabulary
02:55 Part 2 - Management of Functional Safety
03:52 The V-shape of the System Development Lifecycle
04:11 Part 3 - Concept phase
06:35 Part 4 - Product development at the system level
07:22 Part 5 \u0026 6 - Product development at the hardware and software level
08:13 Part 9 - Safety analyses
08:32 Part 7 - Production, operation, service and decommissioning
09:25 Part 8 - Supporting processes
09:47 Part 10 - Guidelines
09:58 Part 11 - Semiconductors
10:07 Part 12 - Motorcycles
10:25 Summary and key lessons
12:35 Outro
#FunctionalSafety #ISO26262 #Automotive
raghavendra satyanarayan : So well explained ! I was into so much grey area when it comes to basic understanding this video and other videos gave strong understanding. Thank you Dr.
Nutan Tiwari : Thank you so much Dr. Petry, this video is certainly very helpful for the beginners. Hope to see more in-depth videos going forward.
Hesse : Thank you sir, it's my first day at Hella in Timisoara Romania. I'm doing a specialized internship for ISO 26262. Your video are so simple and so professional.
Raghav Prajapati : Its great presentation with simplest way of explanation i have came across on this topic. Thank you very much @KUGLER MAAG CIE for these sessions.
Othmane Ch : Great material, helped me a lot for my internship interview at a car manufacturer.

Functional Safety with ISO 26262 - Principles and Practice

Functional Safety is today due to product liability and increasingly critical functions mandatory for many engineers. This webinar introduces functional safety based on ISO 26262. Based on our worldwide projects, we show how functional safety is achieved in specification, analysis, testing and proof of the safety of systems. We particularly focus on the efficient and sustainable implementation of the standard.

About our speakers:

Dr. Arnulf Braatz is a manager at Vector Consulting Services. He supports companies worldwide to improve their safety projects, development processes and change management.

Andreas Horn is a senior consultant at Vector Consulting Services. He supports companies worldwide to improve their safety and security, technology and development processes.

More information about Vector Consulting Services and our solutions:

More information on our trainings:


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Ct Pham : thank you for adding this info to YT... really helps many people if they try to understand this concept and standard
sankatmochan singh : Thanks a lot for clarifying the basics of ASIL in much simpler way. Being as a mechanical engineer it was very easy for me to understand the concepts.
Tamilmaran C : Thanks a lot its too interesting Great sir
Matt Banach : Thanks for the great overview and upload to YT.
周峰 : Good presentation for freshman

차량 반도체의 안전성 기준은? ISO 26262 세컨드에디션 간략 해설

차량 반도체의 안전성 기준은?
ISO 26262 세컨드에디션 간략 해설

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#전기차 #반도체 #차량용반도체 #ISO26262 #김병철교수

디일렉 배터리 소재 혁신 콘퍼런스 안내 : 4월 8일 웨비나

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행사 : 배터리 소재 혁신 콘퍼런스
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일시 : 2021년 4월 8일(목) 13:30​​~17:00​​(라이브 웨비나)
참가비 : 16만5000원(부가세 포함)

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13시30분~14시 배터리 4대 핵심소재 시장 트렌드 한국전지산업협회 김유탁 팀장
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14시30분~15시 배터리 성능을 향상시키는 다공성 탄소 헤레우스 Moritz hantel
15시~15시30분 차세대 양극재 개발 방향 포항산업과학연구원 남상철 그룹장
15시30분~16시 고에너지밀도 Ni rich 양극 및 음극용 전해액 개발 엔켐 심은기 이사
16시~16시30분 배터리 산업 최근 이슈와 소재, 원료 및 재활용 시장 전망 포스코경영연구원 박재범 수석연구원
16시30분~17시 리튬과잉 양극재 개발 동향 UNIST 서동화 교수
사장성 : 김병철 교수님 자율주행의 안전기술에 대한 insight를 주시는 interview였습니다.
국내의 몇안되는 자율주행 안전분야 전문가로서 앞으로의 행보가 기대됩니다.
박PD : 일반인인 나로서는 때론 이해가 어렵기도 하지만, 이런 유튜브는 지식산업에 미래를 볼수있는 방송 인듯 합니다. 감사드려요.
주식은밥 : 디일렉 진짜 전문가와 이렇게 얘기하는 방송이 별로 없는데..구독자 많이 늘어나시길.시간 좀 더 길어도 전혀 안지루할 것 같습니다.좋은 방송 감사합니다.
천황히로히토 : 역시 법규와 인증제도까지 설명해주는 클라스 나중에 인증제도 관련해서 더욱 심도 있게 조사해서 기획해주시면 좋겠습니다 ^^
털고보니울집 : 양질의 컨텐츠 늘 감사드립니다.




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