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Заправка картриджа HP CF210a/x CF211A CF212A CF213A

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Виталий Кудрявцев : Спасибо за видео.
Подскажите пожалуйста, какие смазки вы используете и почему разные?
Каким хим. составом пользуетесь для очищения валов?
viktorin38x : друже, каким тонерочком пользуешься? если не сложно конечно) спасибо за видео.
Петя Иванов : Такое впечатление что глухонемой заправляет! Ничего не говорит и про тонер ни слова. Смысл снимать такое видео.
Борада Иваныч : Да снято на от...сь, не чего не видно что делает, так себе инструкция

Recarga de Toner HP CF210A CF211A CF212A CF213A Pro 200 M251 131A

Como rellenar cartuchos de toner HP CF210A CF211A CF212A CF213A Pro 200 M251 M276 131A
Vladimir : Muy útil este video. Gracias.
Thays Neves : Tem algum refil de toner que seja compatível ?

HP Pro 200 M251 131A CF210 CF211 CF212 CF213 Refill Toner Cartridge

How to refill H.P. toner cartridge 131A for laser printers Color Laserjet Pro 200, M251n, M251nw, M276n, M276nw – CF210A CF211A CF212A CF213A CF210X

- Activate subtitles in your language -

CF210A (Black) 1600 pages
CF210X (Black) 2400 pages
CF211A (Cyan) 1800 pages
CF212A (Yellow) 1800 pages
CF213A (Magenta) 1800 pages
Starter cartridge: 700 pages

Toner cartridges troubleshooting guide:

Repetitive defects:
- Drum 75,8 mm
- Toner roller 22.3 mm
- PCR primary charge roller 26.7 mm
- Transfer roller 57 mm
- Lower Fuser roller 56.8 mm
- Fuser sleeve 56.5 mm
- Registration roller 44 mm
- Feed roller (RS rolller) 28.5 mm

For any question or suggestion leave a comment.

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Ramesh Chauhan : Witch toner powder suitable for hp 131a black cartridge
Organic Hub By Taaniya ® : Hey i recently Refilled My Hp laser 2025 toners but it constantly showing Magenta in wrong position. Can somebody help in fixing this error?
Franklin Hu : My printer was printing dirty spots and the cartridges were still 60% full. Running the cleaning page didn't work and cleaning the transfer belt didn't work. I used your video to just disassemble the cartridge and empty the waste toner. I just shook out the waste toner through the slot (no need to remove the screws for the blade) and brushed it off with a paint brush. After cleaning the waste toner, it printed cleanly and I don't have to replace my toner cartridges when there was plenty of toner left. So, if you are having problems with dots for streaks, try cleaning out the waste toner. There was a lot of waste in the red and blue cartridges.
HILLARY ISICHE : wonderful




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