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2006 Infiniti FX45 5201A

888-548-7711 | http://www.infinitioftacoma.com
2006 INFINITI FX45 Fife, WA
Stock# 5201A

For more information on this vehicle and our full inventory, call 253-231-4300.

Infiniti of Tacoma
4902 Pacific HwyEast
Fife, WA 98424

THIS VERY RARE FX45 HAS BEEN CHECKED BY OUR INFINITI TECHS!! With a powerful 315-hp V8, massive 20 inch wheels with sticky rubber, performance tuned suspension and intelligent all wheel drive system, this FX sticks to the road like glue. Go to www.infinitioftacoma.com to see lots of photos of this FX45. Intelligent cruise control will automatically keep pace with traffic. The Bose sound system will be like candy to your ears, along with that massive V8 growl. There is nothing else on the road like the FX and its lines are pure art. Other features include xenon lights, moonroof, power and heated front seats, reclining rear seats, traction and stability control, LED taillights, side and curtain airbags, power adjustable steering wheel, back up camera, navigation and much much more. Stop in today to take this FX45 out for a spin and please call us with any questions. Sale prices shown do not include sales tax and license. A negotiable Documentary service fee, up to $150 may be added to the sale price. Please call or visit our Sales Manager for details at 888-548-7711.
Babak Ahoorazaad : Hey man! Great video :)
I am interested in buying a 2005 FX45. What should i put in consideration when testing and checking the car?
Ryan Pangle : What a sick car. Jesus...
Erazejoseph Emma : How can I get one I really need it
Babak Ahoorazaad : sounds cool!
INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife : My band is Soulfunktion, we are a dance cover band out of the Seattle area.

Is the Infiniti FX 45 a better value than a Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5? are they the same?

This video is about Infiniti FX 45 Porsche Cayenne BMW X5 Infiniti ML320
şuayb muhammed alcan : hi from Turkey. you have great choice i think. i m looking this car for a long time. nowadays i m careing about my cancer unfortunately. İ hope i will have one this summer. i wonder that why did you choose 45 why not 35.
Krasimir Dinkov : Hey great video! Have you had any other issues except the wheel bearings? Is it expensive to support the FX45. I will greatly appreciate if you share some experience with the car. I am also planning on getting one so probably will need some info what I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance! :)
Lcsighte ken : I currently daily drive one of these. I can confidently say I agree with everything you mentioned in the video. This car sounds amazing for stock exhaust and looks timeless. Mine is black and I also covered the chromes in black (chrome delete), including the grill, thereby making it all black down to the stock wheels. Everything on my car is stock. I have seen people staring a few times and strangers have told me how much they love my car. I have only had to change the brakes, front rotors and do the regular oil change. ( It consumes a lot of oil so oil change is more frequent than other cars I've owned. I'm wondering if you noticed this in your car as well). This is a very rare car, you will find the fx35 anywhere but not the 45. Sometimes I think I am the only fx45 owner in my city. Great video. subscribed.
syed hussain : I love the design, way ahead of its time I notice some brand new suv's copping infiniti FX. I bought mine Nov 2016 @220000KM, one owner vehicle he was using Regular gas since brand new, he never changed spark plugs, transmission oil was black but the SUV was in great condition, Driver seat wasn't going back n forth. I already changed the tranny oil twice, fixed the driver seat, changed spark plugs, K&N air filter premium gas since I bought it, I also cleaned mass air flow sensor, Throttle body, last week I changed wheel bearing (SKF bearing) cost me $165CAD I changed it myself 2 hours job, broke the ABS wheel speed sensor $320CAN dealer price, I got mine amazon $25CAN works fine. I changed brake pads (mistake) must change pads n rotors brake works fine around 70-80 km speed, but on a high speed it shakes cause of the old rotors, goona be buying new rotors soon.
D Boy Q : Great job kid! I'm planning to invest in an 06' 45 model next week, so this look into ownership from someone that claerly knows and appreciates quality makes me just that much more comfortable in purchasing such a seasoned car. Really, you have me all excited and tingly inside! I hope that your F is still treating you well, she's a beauty!

2005 FX45 With Tech Package

2005 Infiniti FX45
Fully Loaded with Technology Package
Navigation, Power Adjustable seats, steer wheel.
Moon Roof
Rear Seat Entertainment System
Power Everything
Laser Guided Cruise Control
Lane Departure Warning System
Infiniti Smart Key-Keyless Ignition and Entry
Powerful VK45DE 4.5L V8 Engine with 320HPs
New Falken All Season Tire (Replaced last October)
New Brake Pads on all 4 corners (Replaced last October)
Oil change using Motul Synthetic Oil
New Cabin Air Filter and Intake Filter installed at Open Road Infiniti in Langley

0-60 mph (97 km/h): 6.3 seconds
0-100 mph (160 km/h): 16.5 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.8 seconds at 95.1 mph (153.0 km/h)
200 ft (61 m) Skidpad: .82g
Top Speed: 145 mph (233 km/h) (electronically limited)
AK BorealisDev Stringer Designs : I owned one. Best car I've ever owned.
Talon SnowVlogs : This car is fast we have one there faster than a mustang that year
TheKeepon01 : I saw your key, did it come with the car or you change it? I asked coz I own one of this and your key seems like the one for 2006 up models. And by the way, my key is faulty and I would rather change it with your type of key (if it works) rather than the type mine came with.




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