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Testing Best Mini Metal Lathe

Absolutely the best mini metal lathe


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Arthur Morgan : This was more difficult to watch than execution videos.
gabriel mendes : Excellent lathe MyBest.Tools I started turning pens, and this is a very smooth running lathe. I am glad that I went with a variable speed lathe. It is made of top quality materials and will probably out last me. I highly recommend.
Astro La Vista : When I saw 347K subs I thought this guy must be really good and knows his stuff! Well I can tell you as someone who operated and programmed CNC lathes for a number of years, this guy did literally everyone wrong! Turning down with a parting tool, turning down a very long billet without supporting it between centres, NO COOLANT! He's also taking massive cuts for such a tiny little lathe. It's actually a testament to the poor thing that it didn't immediately break! I'll just assume this isn't the guys thing, and he's actually really good at something else?
Travis Shrey : This is actually an amazing advertisement for this unit. Using totally incorrect tools and cutting speeds it still gave a decent finish and didn't self destruct.
John Clarke : Really impressed with the quality of that chuck, hanging on to such a long unsupported steel bar turning a heavy cut with the wrong tool and no coolant! My Chinese CL 300 would have spit that bar out at the first tool contact. It’s a good looking mini lathe, would have liked to have seen a demo of the chuck TIR, and tailstock alignment with locking details.

DEWALT DCD797 20V XR Tool Connect Compact Hammer Drill Vs Milwaukee 2702-20

Price the DEWALT DCD797D2 20V Max XR Tool Connect Compact Hammer Drill on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2H8xJC9
The DEWALT DCD797 20-volt XR Compact Hammer Drill with Tool Connect is the latest DEWALT XR Brushless drill that is basically the DCD796 with additional integrated Bluetooth technology and Tool Connect settings.  To use the Tool Connect features you must have a mobile device and download a free mobile app.  The DEWALT Tool Connect App allows you to use an Inventory Manager web portal to track, manage and customize the tool.   There is no need for a Bluetooth battery to use the app with this tool as it is integrated into the tool.

If you do not want to use the Tool Connect features, DEWALT set the 3 modes up to control the intensity of the LED light on the front of the drill.  On all settings, the two speeds will be Speed 1 (0-550 RPM) Speed 2 (0-2,000 RPM).  DEWALT rates this drill at 460 Units Watts Out and as a comparison, that is a touch over half the power of the DCD996 or DCD997.  This compact drill is slightly smaller than its larger brother, but when compared to other brands, one would not call this compact.  There is a very minimal difference in size between the DEWALT DCD797 and the full-size Milwaukee 2706-20 that features 1,200-inch pounds of torque.  We believe that these drills will become more compact and more powerful in the near future.

DCD797 Tool Connect Features
LAST SEEN feature helps reduce wasted time and money by providing the street address of where your compact hammer drill was last in range of your Tool Connect-enabled device
Easily and quickly assign tools to job sites and users on the Tool Connect Inventory Manager software, increasing accountability and reducing lost tools
Receive diagnostics on the tool like internal coin cell battery life, temperature, number of trigger pulls, and how long the tool has been running
Set "disable when out of range" alerts to help deter unauthorized use or theft
Once you've downloaded the Tool Connect app, easily pair with the app by holding down the pair button on the tool foot for 3-5 seconds
Program 3 customized RPM settings for precise speed of application
Customize the brightness and delay of the integrated LED light
Integrated blue LED light indicates when your hammer drill is paired with your Tool Connect app
DEWALT brushless motor delivers up to 75% more run-time vs. 18V NiCad brushed motors
Ergonomic comfort grip handle provides ideal balance and comfort
Milwaukee 2702 Vs Dewalt DCD797
In our testing we brought out the Milwaukee 2702-20 brushless drill that we should note is not labeled as a FUEL model.  It is just slightly smaller than the new 2706-20, but would be considered compact and in the same class as the DEWALT DCD797.  Both tools are very similar in size and performance.  The only real factor that separates them in the RPM.  The Milwaukee is slightly slower.  In our testing, the gearing on the Milwaukee did allow the drill to outperform the DEWALT as far as timeouts, but the DEWALT finished most tasks faster.  There is a tradeoff there between power and speed.  Ina drill this size, most people would not be using the bits we are and if they are, a few cut outs from the drill would not be a big deal.

One of the things we noticed about the DEWALT drill was the amount of play forward and back in the chuck.  It made the drill feel cheaper as there is a significant amount of room the chuck will move back when you make contact with the material.  We did find a smaller amount of "slop" in the similar sized Milwaukee, but we did not find this in any of the larger drills.

If you are looking for a nice drill that has the performance to do 90% of all the drilling one would ever need to and you do not want a side handle, this is a great drill to look at.  If you use the Tool Connect option or not, it is a nice item to have just in case you might need a feature!
tape slayers reviews reviews : This is a great drill love my one
Joe Framer : The 791 is a beast without jumping to the massive 996...the 791 is equal to or better then any other company. Very very far from an entry level drill. ,maybe the 777 is entry level....
Brian F : There's always a Time when your going to need More Power , that said , I would have loved to see how the drill performed with a 8.0ah or 6.0ah battery on it .
Todd Fogler : I've often wondered why they continue to include the adjustable clutch in these drills....honestly haven't seen a tradesman in over 5 years actually use a drill to drive screws. Seems like more of a nuisance when you accidentally turn the collar while drilling a decent sized hole....
dsgb1981 : What type of drill do you guys recommend for "light to moderate" around the house type of jobs? Like drilling into drywall for hanging pictures, mirrors, curtains, etc.

올해 첫 브롬핑!!~ “연곡솔향기캠핑장”

날 좋은 날 기분 좋게 다녀온 “연곡 솔향기 캠핑장” 4월에 강원도는 생각 이상으로 추웠다.ㅠ 나중에 가게 되면 전기담요나 핫팩은 필 수로 챙겨가야지!!하고 다짐을 하게 한 여행이었음ㅋㅋ (담번에는 친구들이랑 브롬핑으로 다시 와야지~

#호피무니 #브롬핑 #연곡솔향기캠핑장 #동해바다 #어흥노숙
반합한끼messtincooking : 의자에서 일몰 보는거 너무 힐링인데요^^




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