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Yanagisawa Vs. Selmer Paris - Which one should you buy?

Jim heads over to the Sax.co.uk London store and compares our two leading professional saxophone brands!

Browse our range of Selmer Paris Saxophones - https://bit.ly/3Mhx3fb
Browse our range of Yanagisawa Saxophones - https://bit.ly/3pvSaB0

⏰ Timestamps
» 0:00 Introduction
» 1:55 Yanagisawa AWO20U
» 2:48 Selmer Supreme
» 3:53 The Tone
» 5:59 Ergonomics
» 9:02 Conclusion

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Pat G : I owned the mark 6 and super action 80 series 2 and series 3. Once I tryed the Yanigisawa awo10 I was hooked at the ease of playing and less effort it took to play so I got one and love it.
Kris Lewis : Great review. Being a long time Yani owner (1987) I found myself having to fight my own confirmation bias. Don’t we all sort of do that? Truth is, they both sounded great.
What I would really find enlightening is a 4 way comparison:
Selmer Supreme alto
Yanagisawa AW20
Yamaha 82Zii
and the sax which I would wager that would beat them all handily...
Ishimori WoodStone New Vintage alto
I have an old Yanagisawa, a silver plated Yamaha 82Zii, and a silver plated Ishimori and for me there is no comparison. I would love for Ishimori to get the recognition they deserve.
Am I wrong? Let me know
Kent Reuber : About 20 years ago, I decided to sell my Selmer Super Action 80 Series II. I was able to play a Selmer SA 80 III (with the "harmonic" 2nd neck octave key) vs. a Yanagisawa A992. I was able to play the two horns side by side and I had invited an experienced woodwind-playing friend to listen. After much going back and forth, I found I couldn't hear or feel a significant difference between the two instruments. So, I ended up going for the Yanagisawa on the basis of price. I still play my A992 today.
Dave's Nature Productions : There is a lot less difference than I'd thought I would hear personally which does go show its more the player when playing the same way on both. I found the Yani had a dense big sound with noticable highs (something I have noticed with my AWO2, its just a bit less dense sounding) and the Selmer didn't sound as broad but it was darker and more rounded. While I have never played a Selmer saxophone, I love the ergonomics of Yanagisawa saxes and they are very comfortable for me even with my slightly short fingers and I like their more immediate response, which is really helpful when playing low notes.
txsphere : JIm and his crew really leveling up on the visuals. I have enjoyed my bronze yani alto, but after hearing this I need to try a Supreme. Such a gorgeous sound.

Bruce Williams talking about Yanagisawa.

Bruce Williams (Yanagisawa artist) is talking about Yanagisawa saxophones.
Interviewer: Jay Metcalf (Better Sax)
bob blues : I play Yanagisawa Tenor, Alto and Soprano. I agree, they are what´s happening right now.
It´s attention to detail and pride in QUALITY handcraft.
Alex : YES! Love my AWO10 and gonna get a Yanagisawa tenor. Nothing else will do!
SAXMANIVAN : I got the SW020 last year after selling my SC992 and just love it! Yani horns are OUTSTANDING, getting ready to buy the BW020 soon.
M-SAX : Please interview Jean-Denis Michat ! Top Yani player !
jec0435 : What is the diff. between post construction and ribbed? Would love to see a video on that. Some of the tech differences.

Yanagisawa Pro Saxophones Vs Elite Saxophones - What's the difference?

Jim and George take a look at the differences between the Pro Yanagisawa TWO1 and the Elite Yanagisawa TWO10 tenor saxophones.

Click here to browse our full range of Yanagisawa saxophones - https://sax.co.uk/collections/yanagisawa-saxophones

Jim is using an Alexander Superial Mouthpiece and D'Addario Select Tenor reeds
Al Carnali : I have a friend that's an average golfer that's always chasing the latest equipment in the hope of improving his game. He's convinced that the best equipment makes a difference but his game never really gets any better no matter what he buys. I suspect if he put as much time into practicing as he does researching equipment, he'd be a much better golfer. I believe this works for musicians too. Most of us will never be good enough that the equipment is the limiting factor. All of the Yanigiswa saxophones are top quality. If you own own any one of these instruments consider yourself very lucky.
Dave's Nature Productions : In December I bout an AWO2. I was torn between it, AWO2U, AWO20 and the AWO10. I liked the rich mellower sound of the bronze more than the brass AWO1/AWO10 which I found a little bright for my taste and was initially considering the AWO2U but I didn't like the idea of the saxophone tarnishing and feeling grubby after a while.

I considered the AWO20 but I found the AWO2 had a slightly brighter, lighter tone, not as dense sounding and seemed more flexible as I play a range of music styles as it doesn't have the ribbed construction that adds weight and more depth to the sound, which I think makes more of a difference with the bronze models since the bronze is already adding more weight than the brass in the WO1/WO10 models.

Given the amazing build quality of the AWO2 and playing it since then, I don't feel the extra ribbed construction and other features added to the elite models is necessary if you are considering an elite model on build quality only. Jay Metcalfe (Better Sax) says this as well. I find the pro model has excellent solid build quality. It plays really well too with an immediate sound. For the first time I had a saxophone where a low notes, especially low Bb came out with no effort and played well as did all the other notes, I could even subtone a low Bb without feeling that it might not come out properly and I can't foresee it going out of adjustment anytime either as its so well made.

Because I find the AWO2 has a lighter, less dense sound to the AWO20, I can have some more flexibility and if I want more projection and or to darken the tone more than just changing the mouthpiece setup or getting a different neck, I have a Cory Bros tone tablet and a Yany BooStar neck screw. For me, when I put the tone table in the lyre holder, it smooths the sound and it increases projection without playing louder.

While I know heavy mass neck screws opinion differs between players, I do find using it over the standard neck screw changes what I feel when I play but also the sound in a small way. I feel that with the heaviest screw setup, I get a more resistant feel which I like when playing classical music and the sound is a little darker and a bit more dense over using the standard neck screw.
bob blues : I chose the Elite in bronze over the Professional in bronze only because of the ribbed construction and the double tone arms. And that was only because i wanted to save on trips
to my sax tech. I honestly feel difference playing wise. For me though, the big difference is
between the material, and my preference is the bronze. I play a variety of styles and I have
no problem flexibility of expression. For me-a great horn.
txsphere : I like the consistency of these videos with Jim playing, but this is an instance it would have been interesting to hear George play also. Just to see how the instruments react to different players. Personally I hear more of a core to the rib construction. Which is why I chose the rib construction.
Jacob's Saxophone : Omg that opener (Not the intro) is absolutely beautiful. Tone is amazing and intonation is perfect (To me). I already love yani for their curved sopranos but this tenor is amazing.




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