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Ricoh 2027 - The Photocopier Find

I scored a free Ricoh Aficio 2027 photocopier. It's cool! It then proceeded to jam repeatedly, so I fiddled with it...
felix rubio : Wrinkle copies can be directly related to the condition of the "Teflon" coating on the hot roller. A new or newer roller with more anti stick coating would help with more copies, also sky shots or heavy dark copies are discouraged as they tax the fuser roller. The lite streak across the lower part of your copy most likely due to a failing charge roller in the photo unit.
M. PORC : this video has no business being this good
Chris Houston : That is awesome! I had 2 of the exact same model at my work and while I really wanted a photocopier, I really did not need a photocopier. Absolute bugger to try to move.
Walid Abou Hamze : I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I've got a few questions about photocopiers now. I look forward to learning more!
ThirdPer3on : Love it!!!!
I fix these things... There is sooo many awesome parts inside em to Harvest!!!

Ricoh aficio 2027 multifuncion.

bilal digital studio : i want rioch 2205 pcl 6 Driver help me to find

Cleaning Ricoh Aficio 2027 PCU For Ricoh AF 1022 1027 1032 2022 2027 2032 MP3030 3025 3350 2550B

#Xerox Repair
Cristina Saltarin : Waiting bro




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