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The North Face Nuptse 1996 Review & Sizing

The North Face Nuptse 1996 Review \u0026 Sizing

In today's video, I review The North Face Nuptse 1996. In this video, I talk about the sizing, price, colors and features.

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Jon McClane : I’ve had mine for 24 years and I can still wear it. I got a Medium back in 1998 when I was a college kid, but it ran a little big and I can still wear it. It’s very warm, packable, and all of the Zippers have held up for almost a Quarter Century. I was wearing The North Face before people in the Midwest had even heard of it. Quality sh*t!
D G : I use to spend a TON of money on northFace clothing every year. I had a hookup to where I got 50% off all purchases too. But then they changed stuff up. Got new buyers and started using different fabrics and started using less color options or just ugly colors in general. The quality of their products have taken a massive dive. At one point I had 10 of their polo shirts and with in one year they all went to crap. A lot of their hoodies the quality has taken a dive also. You honestly have to spend a lot of money on an item if you want it to last long. It's really not worth it anymore for me to buy anymore of their products. A lot of the people i knew that use to spend a lot of money on NF also stopped buying their products.
Stephen Coleman : I think it really depends on what look you want I’m 5’10 170lbs and I usually wear a medium in coats but since this coat is retro style the small fits like a medium I notice the slight difference is in the back and arms so if you plan on just wearing like a long sleeve shirt I’d get the small but if you plan on wearing a thick hoodie underneath get a medium
Just Chillin : this is the best and most thorough review i've ever seen for a clothing product, great work man

WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY! The North Face Retro 1996 Nuptse, Complete Size Guide (Medium vs. Large)

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Size Medium, No Hoody
1:18 - Size Medium, with Hoody
2:07 - Size Large, No Hoody
3:22 - Size Large, with Hoody
4:27 - Side By Side Comparison

The North Face Retro 1996 Nuptse is a popular buy in 2020 and 2021. Especially since they are teaming up with Gucci for a special release. Though they are sold out everywhere for now, the coats specific style do fit quite short. There was a little speculation on whether moving up a size would make a difference in length. So here is a side by side comparison of both a Men's size Medium and Large.
Castellanos510 : Stumbled upon this video because I'm considering getting this jacket and your comparisons/descriptions are immensely helpful. Wonderful video, instantly subscribed.
Rj Davis : Love the video, but for anyone wondering. It’s suppose to be that short. All the sizes will seam very short as that was the style back then. If anyone likes these jackets but wants a longer version check out the Parka versions. They’re quite a bit longer but not as puffy. I personally like the normal nuptse over the parkas. The jacket would look a lot more odd if it was the same dimensions but longer. Back then everything was tailored perfectly so it went with the style of everything, and for mountain summiting/skiing and snowboard I believe they didn’t want anything extra that didn’t need to be there. If you watch the dumb and dumber movie (dumb reference I know) when they’re in aspen Colorado.. Almost all the jackets and snow pants are really short and that’s how they were meant to be. But again I love you’re video. This jacket is very popular in the street wear culture for anyone who doesn’t already know
Carol Chen : Really helpful! Especially online shopping is dominant now, this video gives me a good ideal about size! Thanks!
chad : Josh thanks for the video dude. I’m in Texas so there’s not many in stores to try on. I was hesitant to spend so much on a coat without being able to try them on but after watching the video I’m confident in the medium. I’m 5’10 165 pounds can’t wait for it to get here
Eric Houston : Heres my take. If you go smaller than your regular size and compress the down with a tighter fit, you loose loft which means you loose heat. It is supposed to be puffy and there should be room for layering underneath. Dont compress it, or you will loose heat, just like a sleeping bag. Same idea. Style<?>Function

How to Fold A North Face Nupse Jacket into Its Pocket

How to Fold A North Face Nupse Jacket into Its Pocket
N91 : That’s awesome. I’m looking into getting one of these soon.
sfhades : I had no idea you could do this
doubles as a pillow!




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