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This Watch Will Change How You Think About SEIKO (SLA057)

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Seiko SLA057 is a beautiful pro diver from Seiko with a couple key new features. Replicable crown, a new patented alloy that is more corrasion resistant then Rolex's 904L SS and a hand assembled movement. Put those feature together with Grand Seiko like finishing on the hands and hand polished case and you have a special timepieces. Snobs need not apply.

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0:00 - Macro Videography
0:03 - Intro
0:54 - Caseback
1:00 - Kavar Sale
1:18 - $ PRICE $
2:00 - Investment?
2:26 - Indices Super Macro
2:48 - Lugs
2:58 - Braclet?
3:23 - Wrist Shot
3:32 - Strap
4:08 - Diemensions
4:59 - Crown
5:09 - ISO Water Rating
5:40 - Hands Set Macro
6:00 - Bezel
6:19 - Weight
6:25 - Timegrapher
7:46 - Lume
8:03 - The Need for a New Standard

#SLA057 #SLA057J1 #SEIKO
Escapement & Watch : :_wowSeiko::_wowSeiko::_wowSeiko: Check out the SLA055 Blue Save the Ocean HERE:
-Falling :_wowSeiko::_wowSeiko::_wowSeiko: Oh yeah I forgot this watch also comes with the new Seichu Straps in BLACK!
pr33tu : I love seiko but even after all the beautiful macro shots, the dial face is too boring for me. I own the srpe47 and srpg57 to put things into perspective of what I expect from a dial face. Great video man, always a pleasure to tune in.
KentuckyMan30 : Coming back to this video after a month of owning the SLA057 and it's absolutely incredible! Compared to the Tudor BB58 I had, this thing is on another level in terms of finishing. It's a very special watch and one that stays on my wrist 24/7. Most definitely my favorite watch I've ever owned!
Joseph Lomas : FT, you nailed it with this review. Got the 055 and the strap is finally a usable length but the minder is awful. Put the steel, signed minder on from my original MM300 strap - perfect. The indices are stunning, the most enchanting dial of any watch I have. As for price point - this watch is head and shoulders over anything I have similar or double the money in terms of fit and finish. Regulating the movement (or not) is frustrating but I will take the finishing over this any day of the week. I watched your Sub comparison video and although you state it was a bit of fun it raises some very valid points. Take the name off the dial and compare to any Tudor or Omega, honestly this will win hands down. To those who buy the brand I say good on you, we all do, but don’t dismiss this watch because it’s a Seiko - it’s stunning.
AJ Gross : Normally I am a bracelet or bust kind of guy, but I tried the SLA055 on at my AD and the rubber strap was incredibly comfortable. I am still leaning towards the SLA049 (Uemura) over this, but I am real tempted

Seiko’s Newest Affordable Field Watch - Seiko SRPG27

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Seiko, a brand most often associated with affordable dive watches, also has a compelling collection of field watches with roots dating back to 1959 and the Seiko Laurel Alpinist. More recently, Seiko has found success with two of its field watches under the Seiko 5 umbrella, the SNK and SNZG, but collectors often griped about the too small or too large sizing of those two collections. In this video, I'll take a look at Seiko's new SRPG27, a new Seiko 5 with dimensions that neatly split the difference between the aforementioned cult classic field watches from Seiko.

My Watch Reviews Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLja3u80DBmCqlIkywS1ZTQgN2AxrMLL5F
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teddybaldassarre/?hl=e
jacc88888 : Tempted to get one of these. Funny how these cheap folded link bracelets with hollow end links and pressed clasps never seem to break on these budget Seikos and are often extremely comfortable yet they seemed to be absolutely loathed by so many in the community!
thumperjdm : I love Teddy's narration: Twelve minutes of to-the-point beautifully articulate wristwatch review, without any of the "uhhh...ummm" that you hear from many of his YouTube competitors. Another great review Teddy!
Nasko Chakarov : I love the fact that it has RPG in its model number as a connection to its military-inspired looks. Design-wise Seiko strikes again, and continues to premiumize in terms of pricing.
shiran duarte : I have a Presage Cocktail time with the same movement. (And a MiniTurtle with the very similar 4R35) This 4R36 is neatly precise! My checkings shows a precision around +/- 10 seconds per day. Very silent and smooth rotor!
With a sapphire cristal, this SRPG will be perfect!! Also, no comparison with SNG's Sports. As a Seiko fanboy myself, this SRPG is on whole new level.
MT Matt : Really appreciate the review. A nice offering at an affordable price point for an everyday watch. For the extra $200 I would just get the Hamilton which is a better watch and a lot slimmer (Seiko @ 13.2mm vs. Hamilton @ 9.5mm) so it would be more comfortable on my seven-inch wrist.

Underrated Seiko Watches | Seiko Watches You May Not Have Heard Of (From $200-$1,000)

In this video, we are back with one of our most beloved brands Seiko, with some less beloved models. In this video, we will be cutting off any mentions of Seiko 5s as I have done two videos on the subject. Links to those videos are down below.

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Underrated Seiko 5s Part 1:

Underrated Seiko 5s Part 2:

Teddy Baldassarre : Hey guys, I forgot to mention in the video that this one is excluding any Seiko 5s as I have done two videos on that subject. Links are in the description to those.

Have been having some fun with this "underrated" concept as I think it plays into what these list videos are all about. Have some cool reviews coming up which includes a review of a Stowa Flieger that I will be giving away. Make sure you are following me on Instagram for that to get updates and see the announcement of the winner of that. All the best and thanks for watching (always appreciate it).
Scott Laughlin : Well done, as always, Teddy. I'm really liking the "Underrated" series. Brands like Seiko have so many interesting models that sometimes get lost among some of the other more popular/hyped models. Keep up the good work!
Oo Raf : I bought a SARX055 recently after extensive research, and to me it's worth the extra cash over the other SARX. It's subtle, but the dial is absolutely gorgeous, and the hands have straight edges whereas the 033 and 035 have a slight curve. When I first saw it, I could not unsee it and it looked off to me. Stunning understated and lesser known watches.
Kenny VanCleave : I love this series. Your take on the little nuances of each watch is invaluable. Keep up the good work. Plus, thank you for taking care of the little problem with the watch band. I will be returning for my future watch band purchases.
Space Boy : I almost bought a mini turtle as my first automatic watch but ended up going for the SKX009 instead. It was about 100 euro less in my country from an AD. But I really like the mini turtle's dial and think it looks much better than the normal turtle.




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