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Hyundai REALLY stepped it up with the Palisade XRT

Hyundai REALLY stepped it up with the Palisade XRT
The 2023 Hyundai Palisade XRT slots in between the base and the top of the line Calligraphy trim at around $40k with FWD. Add a couple of grand and you’ll get power to all 4 wheels which I think is a must especially with the more rugged styling of the XRT.

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Foxy Grandpa : I really like the direction Hyundai has been talking with their car designs lately, especially compared to companies like BMW
CHIEMEKA AMUZIE : The XRT to me actually looks better on the outside than the Calligraphy. An interesting fact is that the KDM Palisade has three bulbs in the headlight cluster vs two in the NA version.
DV : Sheeesh i thought the regular facelift was dope but damn Hyundai. Bravo. Reckon these will sell like hot cakes.
Was really thinking about a TRD Sequoia in a few years but would have to import it.
This can definitely scratch the itch. Hopefully the local dealer will have this trim.
Justin Credible : In agreement with everything you said in this video. I think my biggest automotive pet peeve is chrome finishing on what's supposed to be sporty vehicles. Just why?!
M R A : The rear lights let it down a bit. Would be interesting to see a complete redesign of the rear in an upcoming video!

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Benny T : Very cool. I wonder if ESXi v7 has these in it's compatibility list. It's usually just Samsung and Intel etc.




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